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        Adva-Net Inc 500 - Adva-Net #1 in Healthcare

        Our Services

        Our promise to you: We will deliver quality, consistent care with unsurpassed customer service

        Comprehensive Pain Management

        Effective pain management includes more than medication management and injections.? It may include physical rehabilitation, counseling and/or cognitive behavior therapy, addiction recovery, and other services.? Each patient is going to respond to pain differently, and our approach recognizes that a “one-size-fits-all” mentality is not the most effective means to treat a patient.

        While individualizing treatment plans is important to provide the best possible outcomes for the patient – reducing pain, increasing activity/mobility and returning to work – Adva-Net ensures all treatments are based upon the applicable guidelines. This approach benefits all parties in the overall treatment process.

        Adva-Net believes early intervention is important in helping to reduce the costs of long-term pain management.? Data mining is valuable when determining which patients may benefit from this early intervention.? Our experienced team will work with each client to review data to help determine what approach best meets the client’s needs.

        Adva-Net has formed relationships with other vendors that may be used in appropriate cases.? Such services include drug utilization urine testing, genetic screening for drug metabolism and dependency, addiction treatment and electrodiagnostic testing.? We are able to coordinate care with these groups upon client approval, or we can work with vendors of the client’s choosing.?

        All of these services are managed by our Care Coordinators when a client submits a referral to Adva-Net. Our Care Coordinators work with the patients, providers and payors alike to ensure the needs of each party are met:

        Patients: Care coordinators will schedule appointments, arrange transportation and translation services (if required), and ensure that the network provider can treat the patient’s injury/condition.
        Providers: Care coordinators will direct referrals to network providers who can treat the patient's injury/condition, all referrals will be preauthorized, Adva-Net will become the billing agent for the provider, and will guarantee payment within the contract terms.
        Payors: Care coordinators will direct referrals from the payor clients and schedule appointments with network providers who can treat the patient’s injury/condition, they will transfer all necessary medical notes from payor to provider, review all medical bills from the provider, submit all treatment codes through the ODG guidelines to ensure appropriateness of treatment for the diagnosis, provide progress updates to the payor, and provide discounts on network provider services below fee schedule and Usual and Customary allowances.


        How to make a referral to Adva-Net

        We have two convenient options for you to choose from:

        1. Complete the Adva-Net referral form and send to us via email or fax
        2. Call us at 855-544-7246

        Once Adva-Net receives the referral:

        1. Adva-Net will confirm receipt of the referral within one (1) hour.
        2. Adva-Net will review the referral for completeness and if any critical information is missing, we will contact you to obtain the needed information.
        3. The Care Coordinator will contact the Adjuster/Case Manager within (4) hours and begin the scheduling process. We will also schedule transportation or translation services as needed.
        4. The Care Coordinator will schedule the appointment to a network provider and will send notification of the appointment to you.
        5. Referrals with time sensitive requirements will be handled in an expeditious manner.

        Adva-Net provides regular communication to you so you always know the status of your referral.