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        Adva-Net Inc 500 - Adva-Net #1 in Healthcare



        The Adva-Net Advantage

        Adva-Net is the nation's leading ancillary network for high-acuity workers' compensation claims, providing services for comprehensive pain management, post-acute care management, and addiction recovery.

        Comprehensive pain management involves many facets of treatment, including (but not limited to), evaluations, interventional treatments, physical and behavioral rehabilitation, pharmacogenetic/toxicology screening, and Addiction Recovery and Management.

        The Adva-Net post-acute care network is comprised of providers specializing in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), in-patient rehabilitation facilities, long-term acute care facilities and home health. As part of the post-acute care continuum, these facilities each play an integral role in the medical care step-down process.

        Adva-Net's clinically-driven, network solution is designed to reduce medical costs and ensure appropriate utilization throughout the continuum of care.

        By joining the Adva-Net network, providers will be eligible to receive referrals directly from our contracted clients, as well as from the Adva-Net Care Coordinators. Our Care Coordinators assist contracted clients and their patients identify the right network providers to treat their specific injuries and conditions.

        Once the network provider has been identified, our Care Coordinator will work with the provider, patient and contracted client to schedule the appointment, transfer the necessary medical records to the provider, and provide instructions to the provider to ensure prompt payment of services.

        • Referrals - Directed by the Adva-Net contracted clients, as well as from Adva-Net Care Coordinators.
        • Reduced Administrative Costs - Patients are pre-authorized and if reauthorization is needed, Adva-Net manages the process for the network providers.
        • Reduced A/R and Improved Cash Flow - Adva-Net acts as the billing agent and guarantor of payment! Regardless of whether or not we have been paid, you get your money within the contracted timeframe.
        • Improved Financial Planning – With Adva-Net, there is no bill review, bill negotiations and no one is cutting your reimbursement. We pay exactly what we agree upon every single time.
        • No Risk – If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our services, you may cancel the agreement for future referrals at any time.

        Join the Adva-Net Network