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        Adva-Net Inc 500 - Adva-Net #1 in Healthcare
        Adva-Net's "Unique Approach to Chronic Pain Management and Addiction Recovery" is discussed on Ringler Radio. Click here to Listen.
        Adva-Net was featured on Fox Business Network's Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. Click here to watch the episode.
        Enhanced Communications

        Adva-Net understands communication is a significant key to success. This involves communication to all parties in a referral; the payor client, the patient and the provider. Adva-Net utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring all parties together. Communication pathways include standards like phone, fax, and email, but are also enhanced by text and mobile applications.


        Adva-Net proprietary software program, Adva-Pro takes the pain out of scheduling and coordinating referrals. All aspects of the referral; from intake and case coordination activities, to billing, provider network management and customer service are all covered by Adva-Pro. Automated features ensure timeliness of all activities and provide the foundation for our enhanced communications.


        Adva-Net’s network encompasses over 72,000 providers/locations across the country. While our network continues to grow, we recognize that quality is more important than quantity. Our provider partners are thoroughly screened and credentialed to make sure each is providing the best care to the patients.