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        Adva-Net Inc 500 - Adva-Net #1 in Healthcare

        Our Services

        Our promise to you: We will deliver quality, consistent care with unsurpassed customer service

        Addiction Recovery

        In keeping with our continuum of care model, and in an effort to better serve the needs of our national health partners and patients alike, Adva-Net is pleased to announce an expansion of services to include Addiction Recovery and Management.

        In recent years, it has become apparent that the number of incidental addiction issues evolving from an acute or chronic pain scenario has increased at an alarming rate - and continues to do so – creating the need for an active Addiction Recovery Network segment which, in turn, complements the Adva-Net Comprehensive Pain Management Network component.

        Adva-Net believes that in spite of many of our national health partners' attempts at putting in place protocols intended to monitor and correct the over-prescription of narcotics and opioids, the addiction problem persists and must be more aggressively addressed. For that reason, at the request of our national health partners, we are currently in a phase of expansion of our services to include Addiction Recovery services.

        Please Apply Now

        The Adva-Net Addiction Recovery Advantage

        • There is no fee for joining the ADVA-NET network.
        • We only refer preauthorized patients. We refer patients with addiction issues to your facility or practice for inpatient or outpatient care depending on your assessment.
        • One of our objectives is to streamline the process as much as possible so as to reach a "treat and bill" scenario for our providers.
        • As guarantors of payment, we guarantee payment in a timely and pre-established fashion. There are no extended wait times for payment and the contracted rates are not disputed.
        • Becoming an Adva-Net network provider often times offers a new, dependable and unexplored stream of revenue for your business.

        Please Apply Now

        Addiction Recovery services are managed by our Care Coordinators when a national health partners submits a referral to Adva-Net. Our Care Coordinators work with the patients, providers and payors alike to ensure the needs of each party are met:

        Patients: Adva-Care coordinators will schedule appointments, arrange transportation services (if required), and following an initial assessment, ensure that the treatment options offered by the network provider are appropriate to treat the patient's condition.
        Providers: Adva-Care coordinators will actively channel referrals to network providers. All referrals will be preauthorized. Providers' acceptance of new patients depend solely on the providers' criteria and availability. Adva-Net will guarantee payment within the contract terms.
        Payors: Adva-Care coordinators will channel referrals from the payor clients and schedule appointments with network providers who can treat the patient's condition. Payor may also refer patients directly to network providers. All necessary medical notes will be forwarded to the provider for review at time of referral. Communication between providers and payors is handled through Adva-Care coordinators to streamline the process.

        We are currently accepting applications from Addiction Recovery Specialists and Institutions, Treatment Centers or Facilities and Hospitals for enrollment in our Addiction Recovery Specialty Network. Please apply now.

        For more information, please contact us at provideram@adva‑net.com or call 855‑544‑7246 ext. 5 to speak to an addiction recovery recruitment specialist.

        Come visit us in Baltimore, MD at the ASAM 47th Annual Conference. April 14-17, 2016