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        Adva-Net Inc 500 - Adva-Net #1 in Healthcare

        About Adva-Net

        The nation’s premier comprehensive pain management, post-acute care and addiction recovery program


        Adva-Net’s focus on customer service is unrivaled. Whether you are a payor, provider or patient, we value our relationship with you and work aggressively to ensure your satisfaction. We encourage feedback about your experience with us, and will respond to all inquiries quickly and professionally.

        Adva-Net understands we have three customers for each referral; the injured worker, the payor and the provider. Effective communication amongst all parties is key to ensuring each client receives the best outcome possible. Throughout the case, Adva-Net remains in contact with everyone to facilitate progress and the successful conclusion of each referral. Upon completion of each procedure, Adva-Net reports to the client in their preferred format.

        Thank you for choosing Adva-Net as your pain management and post-acute care network!

        Come and experience the Adva-Net Difference!

        If you are a medical provider interested in joining the Adva-Net network, please "click" here for additional information.


        Mission Statement

        To provide our clients with extraordinary savings through the use of our advanced technology, superior customer service and extensive industry expertise.

        Vision Statement

        Year after year, Adva-Net will be the industry's largest and most progressive pain management and post-acute care network. We will continue to identify and promote new opportunities for increasing the value of our service to our clients.


        Core Values

        Anticipating and responding to our clients' needs, adding quantitative and qualitative value to each program.

        Strengthening our roles as leaders in our industry and communities.

        Embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of services.


        Promoting opportunities to meet, partner, communicate and collaborate within the workers' compensation industry.

        Building and reinforcing goodwill through openness and honesty at all levels.


        Why Choose Adva-Net?

        • Easy referral process: You can submit your referral via phone, fax, email, web portal, or even via text and mobile applications.
        • Superior customer service: You can expect our team of experts not only to be informative but also be proactive throughout the life of the referral.
        • Increased savings: You will immediately benefit from bottom line savings below fee schedule/U&C allowances as well as additional “soft dollar” savings through reduced utilization of unnecessary services.
        • Increased Business: Adva-Net is able to send new business to you, either directly through our efficient scheduling process, or from one of our many clients. Adva-Net actively promotes our provider partners to our payor clients, resulting in increased opportunities for providers.
        • Prompt Payment: When providers direct clean bills to us, we guarantee payment, even if we have not yet received payment! This provides a substantial reduction in costs associated with collections for our provider partners, resulting in a better bottom line.
        • Superior Customer Service: Adva-Net manages each referral to ensure all aspects of the referral are addressed. Our thorough communication program also ensures each party is on the same page. Should anything fall outside of our set parameters, Adva-Net aggressively works with each party to ensure the referral remains on track.
        • Improved care quality: You will receive individualized treatment plans and high quality care based on your own needs.
        • Large network: You will have access to convenient local providers. We have over 72,000+ providers/locations in our national network and are growing in all states.
        • Timely scheduling: You can expect us to schedule your initial evaluation and assist you with all your scheduling needs.